Smart Warehouse™

Warehouse Automation Platform

Warehouse Automation for everyone

The Smart Warehouse is a curated group of complementary technologies that work in tandem with your existing ERP or warehouse management system.

Real Time Location System (RTLS)

gives you worker visibility and control, leading to a new era in productivity and throughput.

Track and manage labor movements like never before
  • Synchronize warehouse tasks
  • Assign and re-allocate tasks
  • Create labor standards and metrics to improve efficiency
  • Get more done, and faster with your existing resources

    Additional Safety Metrics
  • Track forklift speeds
  • Collision prevention between forklifts
  • Support safety audits and accident reporting
  • TED™ – Task Engine Distributor

    The ‘brains’ of the Smart Warehouse is TED, our task engine distributor. 

    Our powerful A.I. helps to determine how best to allocate resources and tasks over the course of a day – ensuring optimal productivity & efficiency.

    Location Tracking & Route History

    Locate your forklifts, labor, or AMRs (autonomous mobile robot) within one feet accuracy, and then distribute & assign tasks based on the business requirements.

    Route history helps to identify the path taken by these vehicles for the route optimization, retrace steps in case of any accidents, etc.

    Heatmaps helps the operations managers to identify the higher work zones and can help in worker management or allocation based on the requirement.  Heatmaps also helps in identifying the accident-risk prone areas to take necessary precautions and follow progress. 
    Task Management

    TED™ helps in eliminating the silo work environment and bringing all the workers under single umbrella of work distribution improving the operational efficiency and work load balance.

    By connecting the underlying data from the customers real-world business objects– such as Plants, Distribution Centers, or Equipment with TED™ – the Ontology allows analytics teams, data scientists and business decision-makers to collaborate on a dynamic knowledge asset in real time.

    Vision Plus

    A machine vision solution that captures barcodes on outbound shipments without the need for manual scanning.

    With cameras mounted next to each shipping door, Vision Plus, automatically reads the pallet labels as the loads are transferred onto the trailer. 

    Vision Plus works with existing barcode labels with little or no changes and can be used for inbound shipments, finished goods receiving, shipping, and inventory transfers.

    Vision Plus is a game changer

    When you consider that a manual scan takes up to 4 seconds to perform and your workers are doing this hundreds if not thousands of times per day.

    Super Scan

    Super Scan is our new data collection technology that gets you the best of both worlds – real time data collection and accuracy. 

    Saving vital time, for the tasks that matter most
  • Gives operators more flexibility with how they want to work and follows their natural workflow
  • Reduce time and effort needed to collect and enter data into the system
  • Enables faster processes by saving hours per day and avoiding errors
  • Modules include – Voice Plus Picking, PO Receiving, WO Issuing
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