Smart Warehouse™

Warehouse Automation Platform

Real Time Location System (RTLS)

gives you worker visibility and control, leading to a new era in productivity and throughput.

Track and manage labor movements like never before
  • Synchronize warehouse tasks
  • Assign and re-allocate tasks
  • Create labor standards and metrics to improve efficiency
  • What is RTLS?

    Sewio’s real-time location system (RTLS) based on UWB consists of hardware and software that together form an all-in-one platform serving multiple indoor tracking use cases – ranging from asset tracking and material flow to employee location tracking for safety reasons.

    Track Equipment

    Monitor the location and status of equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks, and other material handling equipment in real-time. Allowing you to optimize equipment usage and ensure that all equipment is being used efficiently and safely.

    Additionally, it also enables them to quickly locate and dispatch equipment for specific tasks, reducing downtime and increasing overall productivity. 

    Scalability That Allows Your Project to Grow

    Sewio is a fully scalable solution that allows you to customize existing tags, add more trackable objects and increase the coverage as your needs grow.


    Assuring Highly Positive ROI

    The 5+ year battery life, maintenance-free solution resistant to damage and the possibility to combine antennas types within a single project are just a few of the reasons for the highly positive ROI of your indoor tracking projects with Sewio.


    Enhanced Warehouse Safety

    Real-time location tracking provides supervisors with up-to-date information on forklift movements, allowing for better safety monitoring.

    Additional Safety Metrics:

    66% Reduction

    in Average Search Times

    20% Saving

    in Warehouse Space

    20% Reduction

    in Operating Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

    Complete Flexibility Based on Superior Accuracy

    Sewio RTLS’s superior accuracy brings you unrivaled flexible infrastructure suitable for multiple existing and future business cases.

    Rely on Enterprise-Industry Proven Technology

    Unlike other indoor tracking and positioning technologies Sewio RTLS operates on dedicated, unoccupied and interference-free UWB technology that is fully industry certified to guarantee reliable and scalable performance in even the harshest environments.

    UWB (ultra-wideband)

    10x more precise than GPS

    Delivers up to 1 foot location accuracy

    Focus on your Business while we take care of the hard stuff

    Short Deployment Time

    Deliver shorter time-to-value Industry 4.0-ready projects fast, with lower maintenance costs and on budget for the wide acceptance of all stakeholders.

    Project Success Focused

    Deliver successful projects backed up by our unrivalled 10+ years of expertise in UWB technology and our top-down expertise from networking technology its protocols, certification through to real-life enteprise digitization projects.

    Have any questions?

    Sewio has provided us with a system that can identify and locate people and vehicle reliably. The technologies we had used up until now had always failed. The high quality of detection and positioning accuracy makes the Sewio solution very suitable in environments with high-security needs. In the world of access control and security, in which our company operates, it is vital to have reliable information. Sewio has a configurable platform that guarantees results at the highest levels. A final aspect of primary importance is the availability and competency of the assistance service provided by Sewio during the design and configuration of the system, with competent and professional technicians.”

    Luigi Proietti

    Owner of Proietti Tech

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